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Support Group


In person groups are planned to be offered in Spring 2022, pending continued relaxing of COVID19 Restrictions.

Psycho-educational groups are focused on providing education through information sharing and the development of skills to improve coping and management of common mental health problems. A major benefit of attending psycho-educational groups is gaining from the experiences of others who have dealt with similar problems. As the group progresses, connections are formed and participants are given the ability to learn from each other as they explore skills to better manage their mental health.

Participation during group sessions is always voluntary and no one is expected to share more than they are comfortable with. That being said, active participation in the group process will make it more likely that you will gain significant benefits from the group.



Learn a comprehensive approach to understanding problems, formulating solutions and evaluating effectiveness.

Wellness Workshops

Single Session events that target specific areas of mental health and wellness. Take only the ones you are interested in, or take them all.

Living Well

With Depression

Learn skills from CBT and Positive Psychology to help you move your mood.

Living Well

With Anxiety

Learn skills from CBT and Positive Psychology to effectively confront your anxiety and begin to live freely.

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