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Mental Health First Aid
for Adults who Interact with Youth

I became a Mental Health First Aid instructor in 2007 and was one of the first instructors trained in Canada. I specialized in the Adults who Interact with Youth version of the course.

Contact me to find out about upcoming courses, if you have a group of 8-20 I'd be happy to book a class for you.

Topics covered in MHFA for Adults who Interact with Youth:

Substance Related Disorders

Learn about the many factors that determine when the use of a substance becomes a problem.

Anxiety and Trauma

Although anxiety is a healthy human emotion, some people experience it on such a high level that it begins to have negative effects on their ability to function.

Mood Related Disorders

Characterized by disturbances in the way a person feels and experiences emotions. Includes Major Depressive Disorder and Bi-Polar Disorder.

Eating Disorder

Learn the difference between various kinds of eating disorders as well as helpful ways to talk about it.

Deliberate Self Injury

Although this is not a mental illness, deliberate self injury is a behavior used by some adolescents to cope with intense emotions.

Psychotic Disorders

Although not prevalent, psychotic disorders are the most misunderstood. Gain valuable insight into and tools to help someone dealing with psychosis.

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